Our work
Are you facing challenging software issues? Check out what we have done so far.
Our projects
We face new issues every day, those issues lead to new ideas, those ideas lead to new open source projects. Haul for symlinks in React Native, Paper for crafting beautiful Material UI apps and many others are some of our projects we are proud of.
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We contribute to
Our developers are core contributors in several projects like React Native, Jest or React Navigation. We care about what we use and we always want to make sure we contribute to making these projects better for anyone.
Case Studies
An app that allows choral singers to work on their arrangements with voice files and notes
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A mobile app that works as a station to weight products and print labels with QR code
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Expo Snack — the easiest way to experiment and explore working with React Native code
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Eedi — a free homework and teaching platform for primary and secondary schools in the UK
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Glue Stick — rebuilding a command line interface tool for an easy development of React apps with Redux integration
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