Mike Chudziak


Lead Software Engineer

Software developer working all across the stack, always glad to help you manage the technical aspect of a project and lead your team to success. Experienced in the native mobile and web development. Always looking forward to exploring the new cross-platform technologies from React Native to Kotlin/Native. Big lover of GraphQL.
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  • Backend
  • Hapi.js
  • Prisma
  • Express.js
  • Frontend
  • React
  • Apollo
  • Redux
  • MobX
  • CSS, CSS modules, styled-components
  • jQuery, Relay
  • Mobile
  • React Native
  • Native iOS (Swift, Obj-C)
  • Native Android (Kotlin, Java)
  • Kotlin/Native
  • Other
  • GraphQL
  • Jest
  • Flow
  • E2E testing (, Detox)
  • Agile development
  • Graphic design
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“Not only does Callstack have tremendously talented engineers, but I know they care about the success of the project as much as I do. Having a true partner is a wonderful experience and gives us the ability to move so much faster than we could without them.”
TC Davis


Jakub Kłobus

Software developer

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Jakub Kłobus