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Improve React Native performance and deliver a better user experience

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Callstack’s direct work output reduced app launch times by 70%, which users can/will “feel” in the final product. They were fantastic partners in delivering leaps forward for a 100+ million user platform.

Matt Hargett
Engineering Director of Major League Soccer

To stay competitive on the market, a high-performing app is a must-have

According to the survey conducted by Dimensional Research, users’ satisfaction with an app is directly correlated to the apps’ performance

Why does app performance matter?


After this time, the user stops paying attention and is most likely to change the application.


Was the total revenue lost by Amazon for their e-commerce app being down for 20 minutes.


Apps that suffer slow performance experience a 28% abandonment rate.


49 percent of users expect apps to load in two seconds or less.


Common performance issues

There are common questions that come up when doing React Native performance tests and optimization for our clients. Some of the most popular performance issues include:

CPU and memory issues

Less CPU consumption means more battery life. This is crucial on mobile devices. Users may remove an application that drains their battery.

Time To Interactive (TTI)

If your application’s startup time is slow, users may remove your app or stop using it.

Frames Per Second (FPS)

In order for the interface to stay smooth, it has to run at 60 FPS. Thanks to that, users will be pleased with the improved experience of your products.

Application size

Fast downloading and less memory consumption make the app more available to potential customers.

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On the market since 2016

Official Facebook partners

Core Contributors to React Native

Proud member of React Native community

Owners and maintainers of popular Open Source projects

Experienced in working with a wide range of clients, from startups to enterprises

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Achieved a stable app with a low error rate that allowed them to deliver a flawless user experience.
Created a performant cross-platform app with components shared across the stack.
Developed a fast-loading app with a native feeling on both iOS and Android.

Improve React Native performance
and deliver a better user experience!

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How do we work?

We offer flexible solutions adjusted to your needs. Our process is crafted to fit small and enterprise clients.

We join your team, dive into your project and tell you what we can do together. Our partnership model of collaboration can be broken down into six steps:

How it looks in practice


Initial call

We set up an initial call to understand your application and learn about the issues you have.



Based on the initial call, we prepare a proposal and assign you a developer that best suits your needs in terms of skills and knowledge.


Research phase

We become your team members to learn everything about your project and organization. We join your meetings, chat with your programmers to look at the project from your perspective.


Pair-programming and knowledge sharing

We cooperate with your developers on your project and share our knowledge with them at the same time. 


Report with measurable improvements

At the end of the first month, we present you a report with our recommendations based on the research described in Step 3.You decide if you want to continue the cooperation or implement what we recommend yourself.


Further cooperation and support

Once you decide to continue the cooperation, we will implement the recommendations and support your further efforts. We will be happy to guide you through your next steps. You can always count on our expertise.

Callstack made the perfect staff augmentation partner. Their engineers were well versed in all things React Native and proved to be a crucial part of our mobile app relaunch project.

Brian Aznar
Engineering Director of Major League Soccer

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