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Callstack is one of the best software teams I've ever worked with. They plug into your team and process seamlessly. They are responsive and professional. I've worked with a lot of software contractors and firms. Callstack is simply the best.

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What is cross-platform development?

Cross-platform apps are developed to function on multiple platforms. The apps reuse as much code as possible, which naturally lowers the maintenance and development costs. At the same time, the native elements of the app guarantee flawless user experience and great performance.

The advantages of cross-platform app development

Stay ahead of the game by building cross-platform apps. There are a number of reasons why cross-platform development is the framework to use.

Code sharing

Run a single codebase across all platforms and use as little platform-specific code and logic as possible.

Trusted by millions

Make the development easier with sound syntax, ready components and tested libraries. 

Rapid development 

Reduce time needed to ship your app – instead of writing it from scratch, build it out of reusable blocks.

OTA updates

Perform Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, bypassing the lengthy App Store or Google Play review process.

Easier maintenance

Save resources by  reusing the existing code. Fix bugs and improve user experience simultaneously for all platforms.

Instant feature parity

Ensure feature parity across systems without the hassle of creating two different codebases. Ship new features everywhere at once.

We’re experts in React Native

One of the most efficient technologies for building cross-platform applications.

Learn more about the React Native mobile development 
How can you benefit from cross-platform development?

Business benefits you get with cross-platform add development:

Improved app performance thanks to native UI components
Outcomes and business benefits:

An interactive application that works seamlessly on both Android and iOS

Great user experience proven by the high rating on Android Play Store (4.7/5)

Created a performant cross-platform app with components shared across the stack.
Outcomes and business benefits:

A highly performant cross-platform application that shares the components across the stack

 Meeting a tight deadline for the project due to applying a time-efficient technology

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Key benefits of cross-platform development

Take a look at business advantages of this solution

Cost reduction
  • Assign one team to develop an app that ships for all platforms.
  • Scale down your teams and cut costs up to 50%
Inexpensive maintenance
  • Reuse and recycle an existing code instead of writing a new one
  • Slash the maintenance costs
Reduced time-to-market
  • Shorten the path from idea to revenue
  • Build the app faster with ready-made blocks
Stellar user experience
  • Fix bugs and ship new features on all platforms at once.
  • Ensure a native feel and high performance of your app.
Extension to new platforms
  • Expand your app to new platforms faster and with ease.
  • Reach a broader audience of users.
Bigger pool of developers
  • Use JavaScript – a programming language known by nearly 70% of developers.
  • Assemble a stable, healthy and cost-efficient team.

Why partner with

On the market since 2016

Official Facebook partners

Core Contributors to React Native

Proud member of React Native community

Owners and maintainers of popular Open Source projects

Experienced in working with a wide range of clients, from startups to enterprises

Learn more about cross-platform development powered by React Native

We love React Native and we could talk about it for hours. That’s why we encourage you to visit our blog to find out more about the benefits of React Native:

How do we work?

We offer flexible solutions adjusted to your needs. Our process is crafted to fit small and enterprise clients.

We join your team, dive into your project and tell you what we can do together. Our partnership model of collaboration can be broken down into six steps:

How it looks in practice


Initial call

We set up an initial call to understand your application and learn about the issues you have.



Based on the initial call, we prepare a proposal and assign you a developer that best suits your needs in terms of skills and knowledge.


Research phase

We become your team members to learn everything about your project and organization. We join your meetings, chat with your programmers to look at the project from your perspective.


Pair-programming and knowledge sharing

We cooperate with your developers on your project and share our knowledge with them at the same time. 


Report with measurable improvements

At the end of the first month, we present you a report with our recommendations based on the research described in Step 3.You decide if you want to continue the cooperation or implement what we recommend yourself.


Further cooperation and support

Once you decide to continue the cooperation, we will implement the recommendations and support your further efforts. We will be happy to guide you through your next steps. You can always count on our expertise.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Callstack to others, to provide a flexible solution to an existing workforce or on a longer-term basis as part of a remote team

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