Throughout the Europe to drive the innovation

Last month, we have organised React Native EU — the first conference in Europe focused exclusively on React Native. We have chosen Europe, and Poland in particular, for a reason. From the very beginning, our goal was to create an opportunity to make it easy for European developers to interact with each other, to share their experience, knowledge and — most importantly, get to know people behind React Native from all over the world. We didn’t want to do it just once. It was just the beginning. In fact, we are already working on next year’s edition.

At Callstack, we are constantly pursuing new ways to support the community and accelerate innovations. That’s why we have decided to go on tour.

React Native EU, the conference, is now a summit. We are starting a series of meetups throughout Europe, each in different city. Our focus is to make an opportunity for us all to get together and drive the innovation. The first event will take place in the React Native EU conference home town, Wroclaw, on November 9th.

We want to invite you to Callstack’s office, where I’ll have the pleasure to talk about “The Power Of Interpolation”. We’ll have 3 talks and a lot of great developers on site. Come, have a beer with the team behind React Native EU and talk about React Native.

I hope this will be a great event that kicks off an even greater series.

You can join the event HERE.

Do you want us to visit your city? Let us know! We are helping organising React Native EU meetups in collaboration with local communities. Contact us at [email protected], let’s drive the innovation together!