React Native Edition | October 19, Wroclaw, PL

I think it’s important to encourage people to contribute. After all, open source software is all about us, community, working together for a common goal. I’ve seen many people struggling with their first PR where all they needed was a warm support and tips on how to make the very first steps. That’s why I think that ideas like Hacktoberfest are extremely important and we, at Callstack, couldn’t miss such a great opportunity to give back again!

I am pleased to announce that we are hosting Hacktoberfest meetup on 19th of October, at our office in Wroclaw.

Unlike all the others, our event is different as it focuses on React Native exclusively. We want to share with you everything that we know about React, React Native and related projects. We will start with general introduction to open source to focus later, on selected projects that need your love!

We start at 6pm with food and drinks, make sure to be on time!


18:00 — 18:30
Food, drinks and conversations

18:30 — 18:50
How to contribute to OSS and why it matters to the community

Mike Grabowski and Raúl Gómez Acuña will introduce you to the world of open source, demonstrate tools and tell you why it matters, and how you can make an impact from the day one

18:50 — 19:00
Presentation of selected projects by core contributors

During this block, we will showcase selected open source projects that need your help, along with the list of issues you could start with

19:00 — 21:30
Hacking session

21:30 — 22:00
Wrap up

We will go over the contributions we have made as well as check the common problems we all have faced during sending pull requests. The most active contributor will get a free ticket to React Native EU 2018.

Come and let’s spend a lovely evening together! With plenty of Octoberfest-themed food (no pizza this time), craft beer, lots of takeaways and amazing people, things just can’t go wrong!

You can join the event HERE.

P.S. Please read the the event’s Code of Conduct before attending.