React Native

React Native special forces ready for your next project

With our extensive expertise spiced up with the Open Source work experience there are no challenges we fear. Take a look at what we're the best at below.

Mobile development

Get to market faster with React Native

If you've already picked React Native as the core technology to build your mobile app, you’re one step ahead for your success. We can jump start the development with a qualified and experienced team to bring you workable results faster than ever.

We have a niche specialization around JavaScript, but each one of our team members is strong in at least one more programming language like Java or Obj-C, what makes them fluent with whatever your project needs, from integrating a React Native code into an existing native app to debugging and improving overall performance of an app.

We can create a standalone dev team on our side or join your developers, we are flexible with tools and methodologies, trying to adjust entirely to your needs to keep the workflow as seamless as possible.

We feel like your team, working remotely today.

Brownfield apps

Bringing React Native power to native applications

Whatever stage your project is at, we’re here to help you. The attitude of problem-solvers and a proactive drive makes us shine.

Brownfield apps require a good understanding of a native code and this is what makes us different from other developers who specialize in React Native - we also code in Native languages.

We understand how important it is when you want to introduce React Native to the team of Native developers who might be reluctant to change. We’ve been there and done that! Being fluent with both, Native languages and React Native makes it easier to resolve those pain points with substantive discussion and finding the best solution to the problem.

React Native is a game changer but only when seamlessly supplemented with the native code.

Performance audits

We run code at
60 FPS

What are the nuances that set the best apps apart from the mediocre ones? On mobile, we are used to fluid animations that make our experience with a particular app smooth and interactive.

Getting to that level of polish goes way beyond building a casual app, and async React Native infrastructure doesn't make it any easier.

At Callstack, we have built many highly-interactive mobile applications that often outperformed their native counterparts. We recognise React Native strengths and are able to workaround its limitations.

We apply our knowledge and experience to make your app standout amongst the competition.

Code reviews

Don't repeat same mistakes all over

Our loud voices and active participation in the discussions about the direction React Native is positioning us in the front row of the latest changes React Native is undertaking.

We feel very comfortable helping you find the shortest path to reach the best codebase you can get, making sure your code meets the highest quality standards and your team uses the latest updates or tools.

We understand that your React Native code may be prone to code debt, but when you feel it’s time to pay off that debt, we’re here for you.

Custom Trainings

We can make your team expert

Need a boost of React Native knowledge for your team? No problem, our most experienced developers are ready to teach your team make the best out of React Native.

A 4-day, modular training on site is the perfect way to get your team up and running with their project. The variety of modules is designed the way it is easy to customize the training for the specific needs of your developers.

Mix and match whatever you need.

Other services

Your needs define our offer

We face new challenges every day. Let us know about the one you have and we will be more than happy to get back to you with a solution.

Let's work together

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