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Learn React Native with our experienced developers. The React Native courseis a hands-on learning experience covering everything – from core concepts to advanced topicsand use cases of React and React Native. Tailored to your needs – mix and match modulesto make sure the training is customized to your team’s skills and needs.

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Pick the modules you find useful for you and your team.

Fill in the form and write what your needs and expectations are. We will do our best to meet them all.

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Our React Native training offer adjusts to your needs

Just getting started? No problem, with our Level A modules you’ll quickly get up and running with your first React Native app. We will cover all the necessary bits – core concepts of modern JavaScript, React and React Native, essentials of navigation, state management, testing and automatic deployment.

Already have quite a bit of experience with React Native? We have something special for you as well! We’ll dive deep into helping you create your own native modules while measuring and improving performance, crafting delightfuland eye-catching animations and much much more.

Not sure which modules to choose for your training? No problem!

Based on the skill set of your developers, we can prepare a training plan tailored to your needs, making sure everything that is required to get them up to speed with React Native is covered.


Our trainers

Mike Grabowski

Mike Grabowski


Co-Founder & CTO

Co-Founder & CTO of Callstack. Mike is a React Native core contributor and the author of libraries like RNPM and Haul. Mike makes sure our infrastructure performs well to its limits.

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Mike Chudziak

Mike Chudziak


Head of Technology

Software developer working all across the stack, always glad to help you manage the technical aspect of a project and lead your team to success. Experienced in the native mobile and web development. Big lover of GraphQL.

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Michał Pierzchała

Michał Pierzchała


Software Developer

JavaScript developer passionate about building mobile and web. Michal enjoys improving tooling and code quality, learning, and giving back to OSS community. Core Jest contributor.

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Łukasz Walczak

Łukasz Walczak


Software Developer

JavaScript developer who likes finding the most all-purpose solutions. He is characterised by a precise and methodical approach to the problem. Open to new technologies and development opportunities.

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