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We have shipped dozens of successful cross-platform projects. Whether you need help scaffolding a new application, finding part time or full time developers, or just a trusted specialist that can join the team and dive in when needed, we can help you out quickly and competently. We also have a large network of developers and agencies we can connect you with based on your specific needs and objectives.


Code Reviews

We provide high quality reviews using our own experience in the open source world. Are you working on a new big feature? Not sure about your solution? Want to test some new developers? We've got you covered. We will review your code and make sure it meets our quality standards.


You have plenty of tools nowadays and you need to decide what to use: It can be cumbersome sometimes. redux-saga or redux-observable? Databases in React Native? Which navigation solution should you use? Let us help you with that!

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We are open to any consultations, so just reach out and let's have a chat. We love to hear what you want to use for your next project!


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