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Team up with us for creating the next generation of cross-platform apps!
Our mission
We support and inspire other developers and companies to launch their products for everyone, at the same time, on every platform.
Job openings
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JavaScript Developer — React / React Native
Wrocław, Poland
JavaScript Developer — React / React Native
Wrocław, Poland
Not yet ready? We’ve got more!
Callstack’s Special Forces Programme
An initiative to help our developers grow in the direction of their choosing! We work in four focused teams, each paving their own path and setting goals for themselves.
Open Source Evangelists

Open Source Evangelists

Active Open Source contributors.
Rockstar Speakers

Rockstar Speakers

Speaking at conferences, international and domestic meetups.
Tech Wizards

Tech Wizards

Doing crazy stuff with various technologies.
Trendsetters & Bloggers

Trendsetters & Bloggers

Creating top of the line articles and videos.
Open source
Strong in the Open Source Community
In cross-platform development we trust! As co-creators of React Native, 2 years ago we dove into the new wave of software development with open minds and hearts, evangelizing and teaching how to write once and run everywhere.
We are well-known in the React Native community, contributing to many Open Source projects, and organizing the first European React Native conference - React Native EU.

Cool office
in Wrocław

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With great projects come great perks

International projects

We work with clients all over the world. Also ones from the land down under.

Working with experts and learning from the best

We have two React Native Core Contributors and the board is getting bigger!

Private healthcare

Your healths is our business

Tech conferences and workshops

Participate in tech events.

Cool office in the city center

And taking your opinion into account, before making any decision influencing the team

Recurring team retreats

Such as weekend ski rides and parties

Flexible working hours

We also like working from a park :)

Free lunches every day... and more to come!

Snacks, fruits, and sodas.