Hooray! While react-native-paper has just reached 2000 ⭐️ on Github, we were announcing it at React Native EU 2018 as a major update for Paper that is aligned with the new Material Design guide. This is react-native-paper 2.0. Don’t want to read? No problem, I got a lighting talk that gets you covered:

react-native-paper 2.0 announcement at React Native EU 2018 (Wrocław, Poland)

Key concepts of Paper 2.0

Material design guidelines

New style and new components are awaiting for you, ready to be used on Android and iOS.

Platform adaptation

As you saw in version 1, we continue to provide platform adaption so your iOS users keep feeling comfortable.

Full theming support

We extracted the theming logic into https://github.com/callstack/react-theme-provider. You can easily switch from light to dark theme or give to your users any choice they want!


Render dialogs, floating action buttons, snackbars… One thing above the other. Thanks to Portal you can easily manage it.

Accessibility and RTL

We’ve been working very hard for this version to be much better regarding accessibility. We want each and every of our components to be fully accessible and RTL compatible.

Developer experience

Not only our example is Expo compatible but now you can also check any component in our docs and look for this link:

And you can just try it! Oh and we are also working in bindings for ReasonML!

1.0 vs 2.0

Some component differences between versions.




Yes, not a Toolbar anymore!

Want to see more? Check the the docs at https://callstack.github.io/react-native-paper!

Wanna help? Be a contributor? There a are lot of components to be made so just join us in this beautiful journey and do not hesitate to send a PR! We also have a channel in Discord.

Don’t forget to check our repo: https://github.com/callstack/react-native-paper

Happy Paper day 2!