Can you imagine React Native EU conference without a day of workshops? Hmm, let me think… we either cannot! No matter if you are starting to explore React Native technology or you are an advanced developer who wants to discover the secrets of React Native. This year we’ve prepared for you three different kind of workshops hosted by Callstack’s experts. Do you want to know more? Check the details and choose the best workshop for yourself!

First track — Essential React Native

Would you like to create your first real mobile React Native app or you’ve tried, but want to learn the best practices? That workshop is for you! Our goal is to guide you through the framework, ecosystem, best practices and solutions to known issues. We will teach you how to use fundamental UI building blocks, persist a data, navigate between screens and more. The final result will be composed together React Native application.

Second track — React Native Performance

Every developer wants to achieve smooth UI performance, but sometimes it’s impossible without diving into the native side of the framework. Understanding the communication between React Native and Native will be crucial in the performance matter, but don’t worry we are ready to make every participant aware of how it works. Gain the knowledge and learn performance techniques which will allow you to use tools for diagnosing the code on both sides efficiently. It will certainly boost your app performance.

Third track — Delightful UX with React Native

Have you ever wondered How to release a 5-star-rated UX application? The best mobile apps contain a lot of awesome designs and also require optimal user experience. Native look and feel of your app in terms of navigation and animations will help you to find the answer to the question above. Another question — Have you ever considered accessibility in your app? We are sure the app is perfect when 100% of users can use and enjoy it — in other words, accessibility is your “must-have”. Once we already know the answers, it’s the right time to learn how to implement them. During the workshop, your React Native knowledge will be extended in terms of writing beautiful and usable applications.

Sounds interesting, right? More info you will find on React Native EU 2019 conference website. Hope to see you soon!