What’s new in RNEU 2020 Virtual Edition? How will it be different from the previous editions? And how to get free access to the conference? All the answers are here!

React Native EU 2020 Virtual Edition is just around the corner! Therefore, we would like to share some details regarding this year’s conference. We hope that after reading this article you will get rid of any doubts related to this event, especially since it’s FREE!

The biggest change in this year’s edition is that the conference is fully online and free of charge. The date, September 3rd-4th, remains the same.

Why did we decide to organize the virtual conference?

As 2020 does not spoil us, a few months ago we had to make a tough decision – what’s next with the React Native EU 2020 conference. Preparations for the 4th edition of the event, traditionally held in Wrocław, Poland, were already underway. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, we didn’t know how the situation would develop.

However, due to the fact that people from all over the world come to our conference, we decided that we don’t want to risk our attendees’ health. That’s why we made the decision to organize a virtual conference.

Callstack is all about community and we still wanted to follow our mission, which motivates us to organize React Native EU every year. Despite the uncomfortable situation around the world, we wanted to connect React Native community members. We wanted to give a chance to those who want to share their knowledge, insights, and experience, as well as to those who are excited to listen to community leaders, who are looking for inspiration and just want to learn something new. This is how the idea of ​​organizing the conference in a virtual version was born.

We had to face a new challenge, but we believed that with the support of the community we will succeed. And here we are!

What is waiting for you at React Native EU 2020?

Apart from the venue where the conference would be held, little has changed. This time we’re not meeting in Wrocław, Poland, but we are present in every corner of the world!
And the date, as mentioned before, remains the same – September 3rd-4th.

Knowledge from world-class React Native experts

This year on our virtual stage you will see 23 React Native experts, including

  • React Native Core Contributors
  • Leaders of the React Native community
  • Speakers from leading tech companies like Facebook and Microsoft

and many, many more React Native enthusiasts with a different background and experience from different fields.

All talks will be divided into 7 thematic blocks:

  • Cross-platform & Architecture
  • Performance
  • Building interfaces
  • Testing
  • Native modules & guides on how to get started
  • GraphQL & Data Management
  • Showcases

You can check the full agenda and speakers’ introduction on our website.

A new form of Q&A panel

As our speakers come from all around the world and synchronizing Q&A live sessions turned out to be a huge challenge, we decided to change its form.

During both conference days, you can ask all kinds of questions, and direct them to the dedicated Discord channel, send them by our e-mail or via Twitter. Questions may be related to React Native and its ecosystem or may be directed to specific presentations.

Then the answers to all the collected questions will appear during the special episode of The React Native Show podcast React Native EU Edition – a new Callstack project hosted by Mike Grabowski aka @grabbou. A few selected speakers will be invited to answer your questions. You can read more about The React Native Show podcast here.

How much does it all cost?

The biggest change to this year’s React Native EU conference is that the access is completely free!

Every React Native enthusiast can register for free and get access to all talks! We want to reach as many React Native devs as possible and reach out to them with a dose of technical knowledge. Therefore, if you have friends who are interested in React Native, be sure to inform them about the conference and convince them to join us.

Let’s do this together for the community!


We are proud that we have managed to collect high-quality, technical content. We believe that everyone who joins our conference as a viewer will gain a lot of technical knowledge, motivation, inspiration, and also make new friends. We believe that we will be able to meet next year, but now let’s stay safe at home and see what our pro-speakers have prepared for us this year.

So don’t wait, register now and see you on September 3-4!

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