We are proud and happy to announce that the fourth edition of React Native EU 2020 – the leading React Native conference is coming!

Like in the previous years, we’d like to invite you to our lovely city in the heart of Europe – Wrocław to join us during our conference, meet React Native enthusiasts from all over the world and explore our fascinating city.

This year, our conference will take place on September, 3rd – 4th at Wroclaw Congress Center. You can buy your tickets here.

So, what have we prepared for you this year?

Knowledge from World-Class React Native Experts

Our speakers’ lineup features over 25 React Native experts including:

  • React Native Core contributors
  • Leaders of the React Native community
  • Speakers from leading tech companies like Facebook and Microsoft

and many many more React Native enthusiasts from around the world!

Mike Grabowski, Co-founder, CTO of Callstack and Core Contributor of React Native speaking at React Native conference - React Native EU 2020

During the two days of the conference, you’ll be able to listen to various speaks held by React Native experts.

The talks are divided into two types:

  • Full talks – 30 minutes long, taking up big and complex topics,
  • Lighting talks – 15 minutes long, short speaks describing a short, specific case

Also, we organize a Q&A discussion panel during which our speakers are answering to all questions asked by the conference participants.

Q&A Panel during react native eu 2020

Thanks to the speaks held by world-class React Native experts, you can expand your knowledge and gather a wider point of view on React Native development and implement innovative solutions to your projects.

Networking with React Native Community

Every year the number of the conference participants grows. This year we are planning to host over 400 attendees what makes our event a great opportunity to network.

Imagine that, over 400 React Native enthusiasts in one place for two days, speaking about the future of React Native, learning from the best experts in the industry, chilling at our awesome party – is there anything else needed for networking?

developers networking during react react native eu 2020 conference

From the very beginning, our conference was all about bringing people together. That’s why besides the speaks and workshops we organize a party for all the participants.

Good food, delicious drinks, karaoke and beautiful area of our venue – all this makes our event a great opportunity to meet people with similar interests from all over the world.

after party at react native eu 2020

Who knows, maybe you’ll make some longterm friendships?

React Native Conference in Beautiful Surroundings

Over 25 world-class React Native experts as speakers, 400 participants from all over the world, networking zone, awesome after-party – it wouldn’t happen without a cozy and unique venue.

This year we want to invite you to the Wroclaw Congress Center, a modern conference center situated nearby the Centennial Hall – one of the most famous buildings in Wrocław and this part of Europe (inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List).

react native eu 2020 conference venue - wroclaw congress center near the centennial hall

What’s more, in the nearest area you can visit the Japanese Garden and multimedia Pergola Fountain, where you can just relax and enjoy the beauty of the fountain show.

Also, there is the ZOO Wroclaw across the road, offering Africarium (the only oceanarium in the world focused exclusively on Africa’s flora and fauna).

Ok, How Much It Costs?

All of this may sound really cool and encouragingly but I guess that you may be wondering how much this react native confernece costs?

The first batch of tickets includes Blind Bird tickets and starts at 199EUR/ticket*.

You can grab them here.

The price includes:

  • access to two conference days full of the most recent tech knowledge and updates,
  • amazing talks from world-class speakers,
  • 2 lunches and coffee breaks at the venue (with vegan and gluten-free options),
  • beverages, coffee, and tea throughout the conference days,
  • networking party with bbq, drinks, music, karaoke,
  • swag bag,
  • an unforgettable experience in our beautiful host city – Wrocław.

Important: Blind Bird tickets (199 EUR/ticket) are limited. After selling out the Blind Bird tickets, the price will increase.

*Not including access to the Workshops. Workshops tickets will be available soon.

Our React Native Conference Supports Diversity Mission

As a member of the React Native community, we emphasize the diversity aspect of our conference.

That’s why our mission is to provide a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, or religion.

logotype of diversity mission during react native conference - react native eu 2020

Thus, we do not tolerate harassment of conference participants in any form. If you want to get familiar with our expectations for participants’ behavior, read our Code of Conduct.


I hope that after reading this blog you won’t hesitate to visit us in September, you are more than welcome here!

But, if you still have some doubts, check out the aftermovie from the previous edition of the conference:

and follow us on our social media channels:


Also, if you have any questions about the conference – check out our website or shot us an email: [email protected].

We can’t wait to see all of you in our lovely Wroclaw.

So, grab your tickets and see you in September!