All talks from the first day of React Native EU 2017.

Mike Grabowski — Welcome to React Native EU 2017

Gant Laborde (Infinite Red) — Rapid React Native

Emil Sjölander (Facebook) — React Native, The Native Bits
Jani Eväkallio (Formidable Labs) — When “Good Enough” Just Isn’t Good Enough

Ville Immonen (Reindex) — Home automation with React Native and Raspberry Pi

Satyajit Sahoo (— Building of Snack: The React Native Playground

Tal Kol (Wix) — Going Over The Speed Limit: Synchronous Rendering in React Native

Florian Rival (BAM) — Building native modules for React Native


Guillermo Orellana Ruiz (Badoo) — React Native and Badoo: story of a massive experiment [LIGHTNING TALK]

Johannes Stein — Scaffolding plugins for React Native [LIGHTNING TALK]

Sanket Sahu (GeekyAnts / Native Base) — Introducing the React Native Builder [LIGHTNING TALK]

Yoel Gluschnaider (Skyscanner) — How Skyscanner Tests RN Bridges on iOS [LIGHTNING TALK]

Pavel Aksonov — What is RNRF (react-native-router-flux)? [LIGHTNING TALK]

Andre Staltz — Composable Native APIs

Michael Haberman — React developer? Great! How are your production skills?

Day 2 round-up