Callstack is a consultancy focused on cross-platform development, with React Native being our primary technology these days. What makes us different from a typical software house is our strong focus on the community and belief that a successful cooperation with a client doesn’t end at software development — it’s just the beginning.

Last time I shared with you few case studies focusing on the problems we have solved for our clients, in context of mobile and web applications. Today, I want to show you some tools and libraries that we have created in the open source.

They served our clients really well and helped achieve important goals. We hope you will benefit from our learnings and those tools as well.

Expo Snack

Starting a React Native project is a lot of work, including setting up the developer environment and various tools. We needed to build something that requires no setup, can be previewed instantly on real devices and easily shared with others. We also needed to build a web based editor which provides a good editing experience with linting, managing multiple files with drag and drop, logging etc.

You can read more about it and other challenges we have encountered here. You can also play around with it online here, at


Managing large developer team consisting of dozens of people is undoubtedly
difficult and challenging. Having senior developers on the team can definitely
help, but in the long-term there is a need of a solution — GlueStick — a command line interface tool for an easy and quick development of universal React applications with Redux integration. It contains fully functional test environment, Server Side Rendering and an asset bundler without any configuration step required.

You can read more about it and other challenges we have encountered here.